~Randy Reynolds

5-16-85 (Thursday)
I took Ryan and his Papa Huey to theLake D’Arbonne Spillway. After a couple of minutes, Ryan caught his first fish—a little catfish. He was so proud of himself he didn’t know what to do! Later, he caught some bream. I’ll never forget him standing there in that wind in his little orange cap, grinning from ear to ear and holding up that stringer for all to see. I wish I could capture that moment forever.
5-17-85 (Friday)
Tonight we went to the bridge over Bayou DeSiard. And he and I caught two tiny fish apiece. We stayed two hours.
5-19-85 (Sunday)
We rented a rowboat and fished among the cypress trees on Bayou DeSiard. Ryan caught six fish and I caught one. He was very happy about it—though not very gracious in victory! He sure rubbed it in! We stayed 5 hours. He wore his orange hat and an old orange lifejacket. His face got blistered. He is so good with a rod and reel it seems as if he’s been doing this for years.
Ryan gets so wrapped up in things! He watched a fishing show on TV today and rearranged our tackle box, in order to compare our lures to what he was seeing on TV.
He has enormous powers of concentration for a 6-year-old. He knew his alphabet at age one. He couldn’t recite it, but he could identify every letter correctly.
He memorized our entire insect book at age one,  learned to swim at one, became interested in dinosaurs at two and could name most of them on sight when he was still in kindergarten. I got him to do a radio commercial with me in which he had to pronounce Pachylacephalosaurus and he got it on the first take.
I looked at Ryan a long time today and it was a revelation. I think of him as a certain size, a certain age, and then he walks in the room and he’s bigger than the image that was in my mind a moment before. The speed of his growth takes my breath away--it's almost like he grew in the last few seconds. I remember having the same feelings about Kerri and Kristi. They grow so fast. They’ll soon be gone.