A letter from Minnie Appling to her daughter Violet Reynolds, written Jan 2, 1979

In 1933 something wonderful happened in our home. The Lord gave us a darling little girl. 7 lbs. light complection, blue eyes. The prettiest little thing I ever seen. Then I happen to think how beautiful flowers were, so I knew I had the loveliest flower of all. So I gave her a flower name. (Violet)

Her dady and I watched her grow. When she was 1-2-3 years old, I would buy cloth the best I could find 1 yd. & make her dresses. I’ll never forget when she took her first steps, when she got her 1st. Tooth. She was a good baby. Just a bundle of love. This baby I’m talking about is you.
The first step you ever took, you were 11 months old. I would stand you up in the middle of the room. You would take a step or two, get in a hurry and fall. But you were always ready to try it again.

You and your Bro. Tommy would sing together. We would stand you up in a chair because you were so little. Your singing was perfect. You started singing before you were old enough to go to school.

It was hard times back in the 30’s & 40’s. Sometimes we did not have things and food that we needed, but what ever we had as a family, we shared together.

So many cute, Loving and wonderful things you did during your child hood days, that I could mention, but it would take to long.
You learned how to sew when you were only 10 – What ever kind of work there was to be done such as house work, you were always ready to help. You were 5 or 6 years old before you could talk plain. You were always good making friends.

The Lord saved you when you were just a young girl. You would cry, shout and praise God. To me you looked like a angel, long blond waveing hair.

Maybe sometimes I might have failed, but I did the best I could to be a good mother to my 4 children.

One day I’ll never forget a young man, by the name of Eugene Reynolds took you from our home to be his wife. He’ll never know what that did to us. (Your Dady and I) One thing I can say. You have not only been a wonderful Daughter, but you are a good Wife, Mother, Grandmother etc. but most of all you are still the flower of our hearts.
No tongue can tell how much we love you.

Bless you on your 46 Birthday, Jan. 2, 1979.

With much Love

Can’t write a lots of things.There is too much to talk about,
I can’t keep from crying as I write this letter.
Violet Appling Reynolds, 1933-2002
Minnie Donovan Appling, 1912-2006